Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ya I know I've only done one post, but encouraged by my sisters I decided to actually keep this blog going. I actually will start posting stuff on here, I promise. For I actually do have stuff to post about, but I'm kind of lazy sometimes.

So last fall Brigg's cousin Cami was crocheting alot of hats and stuff and inspired me to start crocheting again and to try making hats. Well I've only made a few so far. I actually found a pattern online which I had to tweek to fit my head, but I was suprised how easy and fun they were to make. Anne was kind enough to be a model for me. This hat actually turned out to small for a regular adult head (even my smaller adult head), but it fit Anne's head perfectly. So now I think I can tweek the pattern to make more children size hats.

This was the most recent hat I made and it actually didn't turn out right, but then I added a ribben and suddenly I found a new style of hat. Yay! Brigg likes this hat the best.

And this was the first hat I made.


Joy said...

Lovin the hats. Lovin making the hats. I need you to show me how to finish and start a new one. I tried yesturday to start on my own and couldn't get past the chain 6...help!

Anjuli Fry said...

Those are so cute!!! You are so creative, I don't know why you think you aren't!!!